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I specialise in taking songs and breaking them down into smaller chunks, making the learning process so much easier and this means you can learn those songs much faster!


It's great helping other Guitarists, Ukulele and Bass Players around the world with their playing and learning new songs and techniques!

Are you fed up going round in circles with your playing and just want to “get playing” and not be stuck and frustrated?

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Check out 100’s of free song lessons on my Get Playing Guitar 

and Ukulele Youtube Channel

On my Youtube channel you will find loads of lessons on Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar.


Lessons are from Beginner onwards and cover artist such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Johnny Cash as well as lessons on technique and strumming, rhythm playing, lead guitar and loads of FREE Trainings from inside the Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group.

Below are some of the really popular video lessons – some great tunes and tips to help you with your playing
With the Ukulele being so versatile you can play anything on it you can on Guitar – checkout some of the Great tunes and Trainings below!
I also post “Shorts” on Youtube – think of these as “mini” 1 minute lessons where you can grab some great ideas for some new songs!
Johnny Cash

Folsom Prison Blues

The Eagles - Hotel California

How to play this classic song!

U2 - With Or With You

Another classic!

Taylor Swift - We Are Never..

This is a great song for picking

You will find literally hundres of great lessons, song ideas, tips and resources on the Channel.
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