Get Playing Lead Guitar for Beginners
(Acoustic or Electric Guitar) Ebook

Learn to create Amazing solos and Improvise on Guitar with a simple, Easy to follow Method

Always wanted to be able to solo on Guitar?

Some believe there is some big “mystery” to soloing on Guitar.

No need to “sell your soul at the crossroads” thankfully, as some people would have you believe.

There is no MYSTERY.

What you need is:

  • The most important scale shapes
  • Get expert tips and advice
  • Discover the most popular approaches
  • Learn the 5 Essential Techniques
  • Learn how to create your own riffs and custom solos easily
  • Regular check in’s and accountability to keep you on track

For Beginner and Improver Guitarists

It’s time to take all the “mystery” out of soloing and see just how easy it can be to create your own Guitar Solo’s when you get the right help and the right advice.

Expert Help and Advice

Everything you need to be able to create a solo in as little as 15 minutes!

Years of teaching experience wrapped up in one handy E-book crammed full of scales, tips, riffs and expert knowledge!

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Join Over 1000's of Guitarists who went from never having played a solo before to mastering the techniques all the pro's use and creating their own amazing solos!

"I had never tried to solo before - just noodled, and it sounded really bad.  After having used James' book, I can look at it all differently now and see how it all comes together. I wish I had come across this book a long time ago.".
Peter Johnson

Tony Davies – Member of Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group

Does this sound a bit familiar?

  • You have always wanted to be able to solo, but its always seems so difficult?
  • You look at these guys flying up and down the fretboard and just think, “how are they actually doing that?”
  • Your own attempts at soloing just sound awful and it’s just all “noodling” around the fretboard – no focus, no plan, just a bunch of scales you’ve came across online?

I know just how you feel!

Heres what you will learn from this book:

  • The 5 techniques that are essential to being able to take a scale or riff and add your own touches to it to make it actually sound like a solo
  • How to structure a solo – learn how It’s not just random notes – there is a thought process to soloing, and I’ll be able to help you along the way
  • The correct approach to fingering and how to actually play a scale in a way that makes it flow and you aren’t getting caught up trying to put it altogether randomly
  • Plectrum technique and the importance of using alternate picking to build speed and accuracy
  • My “storyboarding” technique that has you looking at building a solo like creating a story or writing a song – it’s no different and much easier.
  • The actual shapes that are most useful at the very start and the importance of “the lower fretboard” and NOT just jumping in and learning the usual shapes everybody does in the beginning (and I’ll explain why).
  • To eventually and quickly have “Total Fretboard Freedom” by being able to connect notes, riffs and ideas together easily to build a foundation and add whatever you need to create awesome solos – again and again!

Wouldnt it be exhilarating to finally pull off a solo “on the spot”?

Imagine impressing your friends that you can just jump in and play over any song and be able to solo instantly!

I am here and I want that to happen for you!

You may be doubting yourself and if you can even learn to solo.

Here's just some of the things I hear students worry about before they start lessons:

You might think this and in fact, so many people do – but the fact is,  I have students who are retired and in their 70s right now, and they are working towards being able to solo.

One student has worked on Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, you name it.

He now has branched out into soloing and comes to me with a list of riffs and solos he would love to be able to play – we are working through that list right now, and he is loving improvising, taking ideas from those solo’s as he goes!

I’ve heard this so many times. 

I’ll tell you a quick story, I once taught a friend of mine who had no clue how to solo.  I’ll be honest it was tough at the start as he wasn’t getting it – then we looked at how chords and scales all fit together, and slowly he could see the connection.  He’s now doing really well and coming on great after a slow start.

It just goes to prove if you stick at it,  it all works out in the end.

Many of my current students were frustrated with their lack of progress in previous lessons with other teachers. Very often they were learning from a “method book” or were overwhelmed with theory, which was unnecessary at that early stage when all they wanted to do was “play”.

I’ve had chats and heard students say how their previous teachers just didn’t seem to have the skills to show them in an easy-to-follow way the basics, expecting far too much, far too soon.

You see, unlike most professionally trained teachers, I never studied music at a university. While I did get my guitar grades for the most part, I am a self-taught musician.

That’s why my teaching style is VERY different from a lot of online and offline guitar teachers. I have a knack for breaking things down and making it as simple as possible because that’s how I had to learn to play. It’s something my students find (and tell me) makes their lessons so much easier.

We use simple solutions and never overcomplicate things, just working consistently on easy concepts that have quick results and keep them motivated to continue learning.

While you absolutely can learn to solo on your own, it usually takes a lot longer, and there’s a danger of developing bad habits that are very hard to unlearn. Some of my students started out with books that weren’t motivating, or they watched YouTube videos. But they often feel disorganized, or the videos move too fast to follow. Eventually, you’ll hit a plateau.

I studied the guitar on my own for 10 years, before YouTube was a thing, and I made some progress. But when I finally worked with a teacher, I learned more in 1 year than I did in the 10 years before that!

So, I can say from experience that following a structured program by someone who knows what he’s talking about will accelerate your progress immensely.

There’s no doubt that regular practice is crucial to learning the guitar. But how and what you practice matters.

Without a plan and routine to follow, how do you know what you are leaving out?

You’re likely jumping all over the place. It’s difficult as a beginner to know if you’re doing it right. When you don’t see much progress, you lose your motivation and throw your guitar back in the closet, thinking you don’t have what it takes.


It certainly doesn’t have to be this way!

But what I find is….

Learning to solo is actually much easier than you might think

Thats if you follow the right process

A process that teaches you the steps you need to take – one at a time, to build the skills you need to START soloing and STOP “noodling” quickly.

A priority every step of the way is to have FUN and enjoy the process and that it does not feel like a “chore” to practice but something you love and are motivated to continue with.

Very importantly, you need a process that teaches you HOW and WHAT to practice so you don’t waste your time working on things that will lead to frustration (this is very common and is a major cause of a lot of beginners and improvers giving up far too soon).

So what is this “process” that makes it easier to learn?

3 Essential Steps:

1. Build The Foundation

2. Learn the Essential Skills

3. Play Your Favourite Guitar Solos and Improvise 

Having my students focus on these 3 steps has produced the fastest results and has them playing songs in a matter of weeks and you will also be able to:

✅ Develop the essential techniques quickly and have loads of ideas that spark their imagination to try and work out runs and short solos on their own

✅ Move between scale shapes smoothly after working on the correct fingering to be able to achieve this and help to develop that crucial right and left hand co-ordination just comes naturally

✅ Improve your rhythm, timing and plectrum control knowing what works best with a particular piece you are working on

✅ And probably the most crucial – simply creating a solo “on the spot” from scratch with the knowledge you are gaining quickly

The most important thing that will come from learning the 3 Steps is:

✅YOU seeing that you CAN PLAY



Exclusive (ONLINE ONLY) price of £9.99

So exactly who am I and why should you trust me to teach you Guitar?

Hi, I'm James Ledley.

There are a few things I think we have in common.

I’ve loved music from I was 15 years old, and I think you love music too.

You have a passion for learning Guitar, and I’ve had that passion from I was very young.

While I have some music training,  for the most part, before that, I was 100% self-taught and I too had a pile of “holes” in my learning that I wasn’t even aware of!

While, yes, I have now been teaching since 2003 and I decided to leave my steady admin job and go full time teaching as a self-employed tutor in 2006 (a scary decision) but we have to follow our dreams.

I’ve since taught 1000s of students to play Guitar, Ukulele and Bass.

The thing is, I can still totally remember the early days and how I was hunting for books (no internet then!) to try and learn my chords, scales and play my favourite music by my 2 most favourite musicians and bands Jimi Hendrix and The Smiths.

You probably can’t even imagine a time without the internet, but it actually helped me to learn to use my “musical ear” working out chords and bass lines to songs (there was just no other way lol).


I would order a songbook (again no Guitar tabs then) and patiently wait on it coming in to the local music shop where I would rush up on a Saturday and pick it up – rushing home again to try the chords and see if they were actually “right” for my favourite songs!

Fast-forward to the current day and I can see how the way I learned actually helped me as a tutor, craft a teaching method that is FUN and focuses on songs and music as a priority, not using method books or heavy theory, but I want to get you actually “playing” music as soon as possible because at the start all the other stuff can simply wait.

What is important is YOU playing music as quickly as possible – that’s the only thing that will drive you forward, make you practice and help keep you motivated!


My thoughts-
I am enjoying and benefitting from working through James Get Playing Lead Guitar Book.
James explains clearly and succinctly how to learn the basics of soloing, demonstrating easy and manageable riffs and ideas for a beginner, while also teaching other basic tips about Guitar playing and sharing his knowledge.
What I particularly appreciate from the book is: I can work at a pace that fits for me - nothing is forced so that learning is not ‘a chore’ but rather enjoyable.
One other particularly special aspect is that James takes time personally to check in with me to find out how I am getting along - I find this a very human approach. I am never afraid to say exactly how it is going for me- James is very understanding of difficulties/ challenges that creep up as a beginner.
A very special book. I recommend it highly.


What’s included in the Get Playing Lead Guitar For Beginners Ebook?

Ive crammed in so much to this E-Book to make it the best it can be and to make sure you have all the tools you need – heres what’s inside:


Over 50 MP3’s backing and audio tracks with all the riffs and ideas illustrated in the book so you can hear what they should sound like. Simple follow-along exercises. I only use language that’s easy to follow and only bring in bits of theory as and when you need it.

Tips and techniques once you get started, so you know you are on the right track and its all coming together – (this is where the messenger support comes in – drop me a message or a short video of the solo and I will personally look at it and give you feedback (usually within 24 hours).


I mentioned earlier about wanting you to succeed, and I mean that – feedback is 100% the quickest way to move you forward!

(Just drop me a messenger message (with video) or a quick email)

✅ Instant download of the entire book in E-Book form with every lesson which includes all the chords, riffs, scale shapes and some essential info about the fretboard, buying an amp, plus loads of tips and ideas when you are tackling songs or backing tracks in different keys and suggestions on the best scale choice for that progression.

✅ Lifetime access to all lessons. I don’t want you to have to rush – in fact, that’s the last thing I want!


So once you have purchased the book let me know and as a special BONUS I’ll even add in some extra backing tracks and offer suggestions on the best famous solos to start learning, complementing what you will learn in my E-Book.


Remember this is YOUR journey, so I want you to enjoy it and move at your own pace when it suits you – working around the other things in your life and the free time you have available.

Before I made contact with James, I had started and then quit guitar on numerous occasions as soloing was just too difficult. I've been taking lessons with James, and we have been working through his Lead Guitar Book now for a while. Brilliant Teacher, extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about his craft. I've missed a couple of lessons due to work commitments, but he is always checking in to see if there is anything he can do to help me with my playing, he’s very much got his students interests at heart and I could not recommend James highly enough. Great teacher 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Declan Brady

Here’s what we will focus on together in Get Playing Lead Guitar Book (For Beginners)

You’ll also get these Bonuses

FREE Unlimited Access to The Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group

You will have unlimited access to The Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group and any FREE Trainings that are available, both now and in the future.


Join a community of like-minded guitarists, get some great help and ideas from those on the same journey that are learning just like you.


Share the experiences of other beginner guitarists also working through Get Playing Guitar Accelerator right now!

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Access to James' vast amount of Solos, Guitar Tabs and Resources

How about having a solo on hand whenever you want?


No more hunting for songs or poor quality tabs online.


I have a vast amount of Guitar tabs, solos and resources built up over 20 years of teaching.


Just drop me a line and I can recommend the right solo for you right now – with where you are with your playing AND give you some great ideas for the way forward and what would be some great solos to learn in the near future!


Grab your copy of Get Playing Lead Guitar (For Beginners) now

When you enroll in the course, you get FREE Facebook Messenger Support (unlimited)

Whats included:

The 52 Page E Book PLUS The Backing Tracks of every riff scale and and solo suggestion.

BONUS#1 – Free UNLIMITED Access to the Get Playing Guitar Group on Facebook – you can access it anytime

BONUS#2 – Full access to James’ vast amount of carefully checked tabs and PDFs, so you can get accurate song sheets and chords for 1000’s of songs and also be able to download PDF’s on Finger style, Rhythm Playing, Soloing and special one off trainings not available inside the Program.

BONUS #3A special EXTRA batch of Riffs and backing tracks and his Soloing Buindle with checklists and much more!

✅ Plus don’t forget, James will be on hand with responses to any queries you have (within 24 hours) on anything that comes up for you with your playing and providing tailored tips and advice to make sure you are NEVER stuck at any stage!


Grab your copy of Get Playing Lead Guitar For Beginners NOW!

Exclusive (ONLINE ONLY) price of £9.99

"I'm really glad I decided to buy this book. I love the fact that James keeps checking in to see how you are getting on, and the extra free trainings in the Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group are really helpful".
John Moody