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play your favourite songs on Guitar, Ukulele or Bass...

Why choose JLG Tuition?

Having played for over 35 years and teaching since 2003,  James has vast experience teaching all abilities – specializing in Beginners/Improvers helping them to play their favourite music on Guitar, Ukulele or Bass Guitar.

Playing an instrument makes you smarter.

Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music” 

Albert Einstein

How did it all start?  My Story.

Much like Albert Einstein in his words above, I cant ever imagine my life without music.


It all started when I was younger, I always loved music and when I hit my teens it really took off.

As happens quite a lot, some friends in school decided to form a band, and we couldn’t wait to get it started. 


We shared similar musical interests, namely a band called The Smiths. We really got big into them, I had played the drums for a while when I was younger at primary school.  


So one played Guitar, another was happy to sing, so we got together once a week to practice and put together a set list.


It was great fun and I loved those days when you could just get the keys to the practice hall setup and play away, not annoying anyone.  Great memories.


So fast-forward to a few years later and I got a job working in Admin.


I ended up staying there for 15 years but all that time I played in various bands and then around 2001, I started to think I wanted a bit more out of life.



I had an idea to teach guitar, as in the various band setups I ended up playing drums, the bass and eventually moved onto Guitar which I think was meant to be.



I decided to take the plunge and took my first students in 2003 and found I loved teaching and passing on what I knew to other guitarists. 



My lessons grew and grew, and I started to teach in a local secondary school and cut my admin hours back and then took the plunge and went full time in 2006.



I haven’t looked back since and love teaching, eventually moving onto Ukulele and then started to teach Bass as well.



I decided to then get my Guitar Grades with RGT and Rock school to “fill in” any holes I had.


I was so curious about how “music worked” that I decided to complete my Grades and was awarded a Performance Diploma with RGT a few years later.



I’ve now taught in local schools, primary and secondary since 2006 and have loved the wide variety of music that I teach in lessons.



I love passing on my knowledge to new students, and it’s a real privilege passing that on to enthusiastic music lovers.

James uses the latest teaching techniques and makes sure the lessons are focused on the students musical tastes while also providing a solid musical foundation to build upon.

Beginner and Improver lessons are from ages 7 upwards are available both in local schools (Group and One to One Tuition) i.e St Ronans College, Lurgan, St Anthony’s and St Francis Primary Schools in Craigavon and also from James’ Home Teaching Studio in Lurgan.


So whether you want to learn Guitar, Ukulele or Bass either in Face to Face lessons or via Zoom (online lessons are great and so flexible) just get in touch. 


You can find out about (home and school) lesson availability and everything that’s going on right now in lessons on the Latest News Page where there are weekly updates on what’s happening.

Lessons are held on weekdays from 3pm (morning slots also an option) and Saturday mornings from 10:00am onwards.

Lesson options….

guitar, studying, playing-3957586.jpg

Face to Face Lessons 

in the comfort of a relaxed teaching studio

Online Lessons via Zoom

enjoy the freedom and flexibility of lessons in your own home

Lessons in School (Group or 1:1)

Lessons available for ages 7 upwards – give your child the gift of music!

Choose your Instrument....

Guitar Lessons (Acoustic and Electric)

Learn to play your favourite songs in loads of different styles on Guitar with the simplest methods and have FUN in the process.

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is such a fun instrument for all the family and so versatile!

Bass Lessons

Create awesome bass runs and take that important role as the part of the rhythm section or just have a blast playing some cool runs and riffs!

Thought about playing Guitar but can’t find the right help and advice?

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This Step by Step Program will get you playing you’re favourite music as soon as possible!

All the essentials are covered and if you stuck at any stage you can ask a question in the Get Playing Guitar Facebook Group. 

Any questions you have will be answered by your tutor.

So whether you play Acoustic or Electric this great 3 step method will get you where you want to be – playing music!

By the time you have completed this free course you will be able to play 2 great classic songs and have started to build a solid foundation on Guitar so you can then move forward onto loads more music!


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“If you are in a forest and hopelessly lost among the trees, your eyes glisten when help arrives.

Learning guitar is quite a commitment and you will need a guide.

Mr. Ledley’s guidance has filled my brain with possibilities. When I hear my favorite pieces now, they sound like something I could actually learn to play.

Unmeasurable value in professional instruction..”

Cathy Broadus

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