Ukulele Lessons

Learn to play your favourite music on Ukulele!

Whether you’re a beginner looking to strum your first chords, an intermediate player aiming to expand your repertoire, or an advanced musician seeking new challenges, our ukulele lessons are designed to cater to every level of expertise.


Why choose the Ukulele?

There are so many cool reasons to learn Ukulele:

  1. Its a great “starter” instrument for kids as the strings are easier to press down, and they can start playing a simple melody from the very first lesson.

2. There are a lot of “1 Finger chords” on the Uke that make it easy to get started learning the common chords and rhythms that are used in loads of songs.

3. If you/your child decides to later on take up Guitar, quite a few of the shapes are similar so will in effect have a “head start” on Guitar slightly which is a great advantage.

4. It’s really easy to build up a song list on Ukulele quickly and you don’t necessarily need to use a plectrum as it’s easy on both the chord/fretting hand and the strumming hand.

If for no other reason that – it’s just FUN!

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Learn to play the music you love…

Given, the Ukulele is such a versatile instrument ( you can even solo on it).

In my Get Playing Ukulele Accelerator Program I teach you how to improvise and use the Ukulele as a “lead instrument” all the way up from the basics, strumming basic rhythms and chords to barre chords and how to improvise and create your own little “chord and note fills” in songs. 

This means you can literally play anything on it – Pop, Blues, Rock, Folk, Country, Finger style, even Heavy metal (yes there are actually players and even bands that play heavy metal on the Ukulele!

No need to restrict yourself – let your imagination go and just think you can play any type of music you want.

As I mentioned the lighter strings also makes it great and easy to get the right grips on chords and scale shapes and even when playing riffs.

There are 4 different sizes in Ukulele and 3 more common types that are used





To help you choose between the 4 different types:

Soprano is the smallest size and great for younger kids age 6/7 upwards, it’s tuned GCEA (standard Ukulele tuning)

Concert is the next size up from Soprano and, again, great for younger kids age 6/7 upwards its tuned GCEA (standard Ukulele tuning).  The slightly bigger body makes it a bit louder than the Soprano.

Tenor is bigger again and while not overlay large it is a really comfortable size for any age of players and again has the same standard tuning of GCEA

Baritone is slightly different.

It’s usually tuned DGBE which is the same as the top 4 strings of the Guitar. This means that chords literally transfer over very easily to Guitar.

Feel free to ask my advice if you are unsure about which to choose to start, especially if you would like your child to start Ukulele.

As with the Guitar and Bass you can also take your Grades on Ukulele as well and both RGT and Rock school have a comprehensive set of exams taking you/your child all the way up from the very start with Step 1 to Grade 8 and covering all styles from Pop, Rock, Blues you name it – I can take you/your child right through the Ukulele Grades to Grade 8 standard.

If you are interested in finding out more about the RGT (LCM – London College of Music Exams) or Rockschool Ukulele Grades just use the links below

Whatever you decide you can be sure to have loads of FUN playing Ukulele as the kids in my lessons (and the adults) would tell you!