Guitar Lessons (Acoustic or Electric)

Learn to play your favourite music on Acoustic or Electric Guitar!

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Probably one of the most p[popular instruments the Guitar has such a unique sound and is very versatile and of course is used by so many artists in so many different styles of music from Rock to Classical – so whether you want to just jam out on your favourite riffs or learn a few songs to play with your family and friends on Acoustic,  feel free to get in touch and I can assure you lessons will be tailored to suit your musical tastes, and you’ll love when you start putting those songs or riffs or even solo’s together!


Also, dont forget there is the option of you or your children taking the RGT and Rock school Grades (if you want to find out more about any of these hit the link further down to get more info on how these step by step grades will help you learn in a progressive way with some great songs to learn along the way.

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Learn to play Electric Guitar

I find mostly that students chose to learn Electric to either improve their soloing skills or start soloing from scratch, or they want to play their favourite rock songs as close as they can get to the original.

Playing on an Electric Guitar is much easier in general, mostly because the strings are so much easier to hold down. Some argue that you should only start on Acoustic first, but it’s really a preference thing and there’s no harm starting on Electric as it all transfers over anyway.
I have students who wish to improve their soloing skills, or they feel taking an RGT or Rock school Electric Guitar Exam will help them focus on what they feel they need to learn (a lot feel there may be “holes” in their playing, skills or musical knowledge).

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Some students feel that they need to get more into theory to see how the guitar and the fretboard itself actually works. It can seem very complex and difficult to understand at first, but it’s all very well-organised, and it’s just like a language it’s a case of just learning it “brick by brick”….

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Learn to play Acoustic Guitar

Most people start lessons learning Acoustic Guitar. 


There are differences of opinion on whether you should learn on an Acoustic first. The real advantage in the long run is that your fingertips do become hardened to the usually “tougher” or thicker strings.


Most Acoustics are shipped with gauge 11 strings compared to Electric guitars which usually have lighter strings. Also, with an Acoustic it will be that bit louder, and you don’t need an amp to carry around with you.

It’s worth thinking though if you are going to buy an Acoustic to get started; purchasing an “Electro Acoustic” with some models having the added advantage of the player being able to reach up higher on the fretboard due to the “cutaway” (section cut out of the body under the fretboard) and the fact it can be plugged into an amp if you prefer. This usually gives you a similar level of volume to an Electric Guitar but with a slightly different (more hollow) tone.

There are usually 2 main differences in the most popular Acoustic Guitar shapes

A “Cutaway” Acoustic


Cutaway Acoustics are very often called Electro Acoustics and as mentioned earlier

they are great as you can also plug them in and usually the build quality is very good.

Standard Acoustic Shape

So it’s totally up to you.


I have taken students from their very first basic chord on both Electric and Acoustic Guitar; teaching styles such as Finger style, Folk, Traditional (Irish mostly), Reggae, Pop, even Jazz in some cases, Acoustic Blues, and of course students have taken their RGT and Rock school Acoustic Grades right up to Grade 8 Standard – please hit the buttons below to find out more about each different exam boards and what they have to offer in both Acoustic and Electric Guitar exams.


I find most students after playing for a while will eventually purchase will eventually purchase either an Electric or Acoustic to have the “best of both worlds”….

As with Bass Guitar and Ukulele you can take your Grades on Acoustic and Electric Guitar, to find out more hit the links below…

If you are interested in finding out more about the RGT (LCM – London College of Music Exams) or Rockschool Acoustic or Electric Grades just use the links below