Minor Guitar Repairs

Need a string change or some adjustments?

Occasionally as with all instruments things can go wrong and there are a few common issues that come up with Guitars, Bass and Ukulele.

String replacement

Strings tend to break easily, and it’s usually the thinner strings on all 3 instruments. It’s easy to tighten a string too far and while they are made to stretch that bit further than the tuning pitch, it’s best to have someone with a bit of experience change the strings on your instrument.

Sooner or later, your guitar needs its strings changed. Strings get worn out, start to sound “muffled” (guitars sometimes are factory fitted with much too heavy a guage) and generally after time, lose that “ping” they had when you first bought the guitar.
While it may seem easy to change a string, it’s surprising the amount of times strings are incorrectly replaced, or wound on the tuning pegs the wrong way. This also goes for Electric and Classical guitars, as well as Acoustics. I can change the strings on your guitar in a short time and perform a “checkup”/clean up of other parts just to make sure everything is okay.

Height adjustment ie the “action” on your Guitar or Bass

String “action” is the height of the strings from the fretboard.

There are factory recommendations for most guitars i.e, Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Gibson SG’s etc… While some people are happy to set their strings to these settings, others would prefer their guitars set up to their own specification. I

I can perform basic setups on electrics and acoustics (Acoustics especially can be hard to play if the strings are too high) and can also be adjusted making chords (Barre chords especially) a lot easier to play.)

Due to my usually very busy lesson schedule I can only perform minor repairs as mentioned above, but I usually can have these done within a week or less.

Please the price list below for details.

Guitar Action (Strings lowered/adjusted)


Strings Changed (including full clean/check up)

£20.00 (includes strings)

If you have any queries or questions re: any of the above or are worried about the work needing done on your guitar – please get in touch, and we can have a chat about the best way forward….