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Home Lessons


Home lessons are in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I like students to feel at ease and also to feel free to suggest songs etc.. they would like to learn. Lessons are tailoured to students needs while offering a solid foundation (this includes musical theory) or if you just want to learn your favourite songs..thats great too...!

Playing on an Electric Guitar is much easier in general mostly because the strings are so much easier to hold down. As mentioned above some people feel starting on Acoustic is better, but its really the students preference at the end of the day. I have students who wish to improve their soloing skills or they feel taking an RGT Electric Guitar Exam will help them focus on what they feel they need to learn (a lot feel there may be "holes" in their playing, skills or musicla knowledge).

















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I teach from my home just outside Lurgan. I teach guitar Full-time.


I have full facilities including Song Books, Guitar Tabs, Teaching materials and resources, Guitar Amps, everything you will need to get started - just bring your guitar!.


I also (for the past 10 yrs) have been teachjng in St Francis PS, St Anthonys PS, and now St Ronans College.



Besides my school teaching, I generally teach in the evenings Monday to Wednesday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm and also Saturday's from 10:15am to 1:00pm If you would prefer to take lessons during the day this is also possible and I can work this around my school lesson timetable/s. I find younger students (i.e, 7-12 yrs) benefit more from focused 30 min lessons as any longer can be a "lot to take in" in one session.


Home lessons usually last for 30 mins to 1 Hour but 45 min lessons are also available if requested.








Please contact myself for lesson prices and availability. The Latest Slots Page will be updated regularly with any changes, ie students leaving etc....I usually know at least 2 weeks in advance of any student planning on leaving lessons as I require all students to give notice when finishing their tuition.



So its totally up to you. I have taken students from their first chord on both Electric and Acoustic Guitar; teaching styles such as Fingerstyle, Folk, Traditional (Irish mostly), Reggae, even Jazz in some cases, Acoustic Blues, and of course students have taken their RGT Acoustic Grades right up to Grade 8 Standard- please see the RGT Guitar Exams page for more on these exams. I find most studnts after playing for a while will eventually purchase will eventually purchase either an Electric or Acoustic to have the "best of both worlds"....


Acoustic Guitar


Most people start lessons learning Acoustic Guitar. There are differences of opinion on whether you should learn on an Acoustic first. The real advantage in the long run is that your finger tips become hardened to the usually "tougher" or thicker strings. Most Acoustics are shipped with guage 11 strings compared to Electric guitars which usually have lighter strings. Also with an Acoustic is gonna be that bit louder and you dont need an amp to carry around with you.







Its worth thinking though if you are going to buy an Acoustic to get started; purchasing an "Electro Acoustic" with some models having the added advantage of the player being able to reach up higher on the fretboard due to the "cutaway" (section cut out of the body under the fretboard) and the fact it can be plugged into an amp if you prefer. This usually gives you a similar level of volume to an Electric Guitar but with a slightly different (more hollow) tone.














Electric Guitar


Why Electric Guitar? I find mostly that students chose to learn Electric to either improve their soloing skills or start soloing from scratch or they want to play their favourite rock songs as close as they can get to the original.
























Some students feel that they need to get more into theory to see how the guitar and the fretboard itself actually works. It can seem very complex and difficult to understamnd at first but its all very well organised and its just like a language its a case of just learning it "brick by brick"....





Bass Guitar


Sometimes you want something a bit diffferent and Bass Guitar is that bit different. The feel of the thicker strings under your fingers and that "deeper" sound. There are a lot of similarities between the scales and some shapes you would learn on Electric Guitar. Its a great instrument and I used to play Bass (in various bands) when I was younger and really took to it. I can teach you Bass to Intermediate Level standard and you can also undertake the RGT Bass Guitar Exams and obtain your Grades on Bass Guitar. As mentioned a lot of what is covered in Lead Guitar playing is transferrable to Bass.














So whether you want to just play along to your favoutite bass lines, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Who, The Beatles, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, some Blues lines, some Funk (Stevie Wonder) etc.... I guarantee you'll enjoy learning bass guitar and as mentioned there are also the RGT Bass Guitar Exams which will give you a great foundation to build upon.









Ukulele Tuition


Ukulele is a great instrument - especially for kids as there is plenty of space for their small fingers! Ive started teaching Ukulele from beginners onwards its a great fun instrument and you can also take your grades right up to Grade 3 - if you want to give it a go - just let me know...:)














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