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Lessons with James are an absolute pleasure and I look forward to my lesson every week.  I have advanced more than I could have ever have imagined 15 months ago when I started from scratch, playing songs across many different styles (including a lot Ive waited to be able to play for a long time).  This is primarily due to James' relentless enthusiasm and encouragement in the face of even my worst attempts at chord changing in the early days of lessons.  His lessons are structured and well prepared with the focus on what you want to learn rather than what he wants to teach you.  I would not hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitar player looking for a teacher.”
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“After several months of trying my best on my own. I finally got round to learning how to play properly with James. His patience and encouragement are remarkable, and I'm amazed by the great progress I've made in just a few months.  He simplifies music theory and makes it interesting, and that is now translating into technique and songs. Becoming a student again at my age (60 yrs old) isn't easy, but with James' help it's really working! Can't wait for my next lesson!”










I had thought about guitar lessons for a long time and had a guitar lying in the house for 2 years when I was bought it as a Christmas present. My family knew I wanted to learn but somehow I never really got around to it. So I decided to check out guitar lessons in the local area I found James' site and noticed the RGT Acoustic Grades. I thought if I found out more about these it might make me want to start guitar. I spoke to James and his enthusism for guitar made me really keen to get started. That was 3 months ago and I have been loving it ever since and I look forward to picking the guitar up now when I get home from work. James is very patient and went through eveything involved in an RGT Grade at the first few lessons. I knew a bit of music reading from school but James went over it all again thoroughly and I am nervous but also looking forward to my first Grade later this year!
Robert H.


I had been wanting to get more into lead guitar for a long time now. I knew a few scales and my main chords but never really understood the theory and the "CAGED" shapes. After listening to what my goals were James set about to built a good foundation of the things necessary to become a good lead player. He would regularly email backing tracks for meyself to practise over and would help me out any way he could. It was great to know I could rely on him if I got stuck on anything.



Jenny T.







Niall M.




I started lessons with James 5 months ago and I love my lessons. He makes things easy for me to understand.





I had been looking for a teacher for my son (aged 15 yrs) for a while and had checked out James' website. My son was a bit apprehensive about attending lessons. But the first night he came saying how much he really enjoyed his lessons. He's been with James now for a year and still loves guitar. We are so glad we found such a friendly and experienced teacher for our son.
Clare R. (10 Years Old)


Mrs Patricia L.





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