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I intend to keep video lessons going even when things "open up" again as its a great advantage to students that live far away and it means they dont have to rush to lessons for a certain time through traffic and hold ups etc.


Given the current and recent past situation, I have been taking all lessons on Skype and Zoom and formerly Whatsapp. This has proven a great way to keep lessons going and students have been able to keep up their practice and more importantly progress through these difficult times this past year or so.





Students have also studied for their Bass, Ukulele and Guitar grades throughout the "pandemic" and exams have been facilitated both with Rockschool and RGT through Perforamce Awards, "Live" video exams and also Recorded video exams. Both RGT and Rockschool have been great at implemeneting ways to keep exams going and provide various methods of delivering a high quality exam experience.







So it appears video exams are "here to stay" and with technology improving all the time they are (and will continue) to become a valuable way of delivering a high quality lesson format without compromising on learning and the "one to one" experience. All you need is a laptop, phone, fairly good internet, a Skype or better still Zoom app (laptop or PC)
So if you would like to start lessons but you think "video wont work.." I can reassure you that it "does" work and I think a lot of us have come to depend on it over this difficult period, this last year or so. So please get in touch and I can explain in more detail how I can deliver your lessons via video on various platforms.
and Whatsapp and I can deliver all the materials you need right there in the lesson and also send anything you need through later after your lesson. I can also record the lesson and send it through later, which is great for practice and going over what we discussed in your lesson before the following week.









April 2018

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from mid May!

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