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Some Modern Rock
Rhythm Guitar is the foundation and probably the most widely thought of way of playing the guitar. Along with the Bass and Drums the rhythm forms the backbone of any band and is essential to g
If you've got great rhythm, then this means if you decide to branch out to Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle, Ukulele (anything where strumming might be involved) your timing will be good and subsequently you'll sound so much better. Its a good idea to focus on your rhythm, and make sure its "tight" and you can change swiftly and smoothly from one chord to the other. Whether its basic chords or Barre Chords and Power chords try and get youre rhythm as "tight" as you can.
ive that "full" sound.
Riffs - very popular in lessons
This video is just a few examples of some of the popular songs that have come up in lessons over the years...
Oasis - Wonderwall
The Eagles - Take It Easy
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
John Lennon - Stand By Me (in G)
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
Some Rhythm Guitar Examples


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