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The Registry publishes an annual UK and International Directory of guitar tutors, and organises regular music education conferences and training seminars.




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The Registry of Guitar Tutors was established in 1992 with the aim of improving the status and profile of guitar teachers, and helping to ensure their professional recognition within the mainstream of music education, by the establishment of an accredited range of comprehensive and well structured teaching programmes.






The exams are organized in partnership with London College of Music Exams (one of the world's most respected music examination boards, established since 1887) and certificated by Thames Valley University, resulting in a recognized standard by which the skills and abilities of electric guitarists can be assessed. All RGT graded exams are accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA) and have been placed on the National Qualifications Framework. UCAS points are awarded for RGT grades 6 to 8.




“RGT offers quality exams you can have confidence in”.



Why gain an RGT Guitar exam qualification?


This comprehensive range of examinations offer a formal recognition of the specific talents of electric guitar players.





The examinations are endorsed by a range of eminent guitarists from the fields of rock, jazz, pop & blues: Hank Marvin, John Etheridge, Glenn Tilbrook, Mick Green, and Dave Kelly.

Examination Locations
Nine examination Grades are available ranging from Preliminary Grade (for beginners) up to Grade 8 (for aspiring professional musicians) and further onto an Electric Guitar Teaching Diploma
Examination Levels





Examination sessions are held three times a year throughout most areas of the U.K. as well as overseas. With access to over 400 local centres you should never have too far to travel to your examination. The closest examination Centre (covering the Portadown, Armagh, Dungannon areas is Edenderry Methodist Church, Portadown
The RGT Acoustic Exams are a relatively new exam format but very popular. I find the majority of my students take Acoustic Guitar Exams over Electric Guitar. These exams cover the essentials of Acoustic Guitar playing i.e., scales, chords, essential fingerstyle patters, theory and ear training tests. There are also option of pieces usually at least 3 per grade and a rhythm playing and accompaniment section. All the important areas of Acoustic Guitar Playing are covered within the grades.




Examination Handbooks - Acoustic Guitar Exams




















Examination Handbooks - Electric Guitar Exams


The Electric Guitar Exams are much more "improvisation" based. Similar to the Acoustic Exams, they cover chords and scale s
hapes, though they delve much more into the tools needed to improvise well on guitar both with Lead playing and Rhythm playing. There are no audio CD's with the Electric Exam books but everything you need is in the book. There is much more focus on arpeggios and scales as arpeggios are used quite a lot in lead playing.











Again at the back of the book there are sections on Ear and Rhythm tests which are essential for building your skills on Lead Guitar.
Examination Handbooks - Rock Guitar Exams



Examination Handbooks - Bass Guitar Exams
The RGT Bass Guitar Exams are similar to the Acoustic and Electric Guitar exams in that the exams are designed to develop the skills a bass guitarist needs to play in a rock band or pop group. Topics covered in the grade exams include: developing bass lines; utilising bass patterns; scales & arpeggios; improvisation; contemporary music theory and ear tr aining. Taking an exam will develop all of these with each exam being progressively more difficult taking you to Grade 8 Level.
Other Exam Options for Guitar Exams


The core of the RGT Rock Guitar Exams is the Performance Section, where you perform the rock pieces you have chosen to play in the exam. From Preliminary Grade onwards, the examiner also tests your aural ability to reproduce riffs and recognise chords. From Grade One onwards, there is an improvisation section where you improvise a lead solo and then a rhythm guitar part to a backing track. These are not as "improvised" based though os the Lead Guitar Exams but are a great alternative if you would rather be graded on songs instead of just working completely from t he Grade book.














For each of the 3 types of guitar playing Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar - there is also the option of taking Performance Awards and then developing things further onto Performance Diplomas. In all 3 styles, these awards offer the musician the chance to gain an accredited qualification based mostly on playing. Performance Awards are alternatives to the RGT Grade exams. Electric Guitar Performance Awards consist solely of rhythm guitar playing and lead guitar playing. There really is something for everyone - for a lot more information why not checkout the RGT website for yourself...I can take students though any of these exams and have indeed also used the RGT Rock Guitar Exams as a popular alternative the the Lead Guitar (Improvisation based) exams.









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