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Please feel free to download the accompanying PDF which has all the chord charts for each track listed. Once again - Enjoy using these :)





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This page contains extra tracks and resources on top of the RGT's tracks in the books. These are "copyright free" resources I have put together myself and in no way infringe on the copyright of any audio tracks contained within the RGT's exam books or publications. I have not suggested which scales to use - this is for you to decide when playing over the tracks. Each track plays the chords 3 times then the rhythm drops out - So the order is Lead Guitar at the start then rhythm guitar to the end of the track. Enjoy! :)















As these tracks are "royalty" free - and owned by JLG Guitar Tuition please feel free to download these and use for your own soloing and improvisation - simply "right click" the mouse and select "Save as" to save to your PC etc...





The above tracks are all for educational purposes only and will NOT be used for profit.


























































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