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My own songs/compositions
The above song came from some experimentation with Drop D tuning. Its a great tuning for writing songs in (I can see why Metal bands use it so much) I thought of this piece as 3/4 parts and put it together with some nice changes where I could. I'd really like to get some more stuff together using Drop D tuning.
Ive also been into writing songs....unfortunately I have no recent song videos uploaded though I do fromk ti
Sun Song - Instrumental (Drop D Tuning) 2015
me to time (when I get a chance) work on "chord/melody" arrangements - here are a few on this page..hopefully later this year into next year I will get a lot more video content onto the website..in the meantime I hope you enjoy these compositions/medley's....
I thought these 2 songs would work well together so decided to turn them into a medley.
Beatles/Led Zeppelin Medley


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