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This page is basically a JLG Guitar Forum to take you straight to the JLG Guitar Forum as you can see (due to some technical issues in the past) the forum is pretty empty but hopefully all that is gonna change!!. I plan to use for forum to answer queries on anything to do with guitar playing, lessons queries, or even if you are already playing I can help out with some useful tips and advice on rhythm, lead guitar, buying an amp, fingerpicking/fingerstyle etc.... so feel free to ask any questions and I will be checking the forum at least once a week and will get back usually within 24 hours....Thanks.....:)




Ive just started up 2 Facebook Groups - one for Acoustic Guitar and the other for Lead Guitar. Eventually I would also love to have a Ukulele and Bass Guitar Groups as well. My idea behind the current groups is to build a guitar community whererby I and hopefully others in the gorups can help each
Also if you feel you need a hand with anything feel free to message me directly: Facebook: https://m.me/james.ledley/
other out by offer some experience of their own playing and I will also offer free video lessons and links, free advice and tips to help you through any struggles you might be having playing Acoustic or electric Guitar.








Acoustic Guitar Group: tinyurl.com/3zdww65k




Electric/Lead Guitar Group: tinyurl.com/3cjnmk75




So I really do hope you join the Facebook Group/s and we can take your playing and learning to the next level..:) See you in there! :)



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