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On this page initially I have put some (Beginner/Intermediate) Lead Playing (MP3/Midi Backing Tracks) to Jam over These are in various styles and different keys and are a great way of building your Lead Playing skills. I also use these tracks in lessons and students have found them great to play over. Over time I hope to add a pile more to this page and add some other useful downloads including more Riff Ideas (with MP3) some Fingerstyle Patterms and some useful Rhythm MP3's for practicing chord changing and some popular rhythms from songs...(for all tracks simply play in your browsers media player OR right click and (save as) direct to your PC/Tablet).....:)



















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Lead/Solo Riffs


I have added some "Riff" ideas. I hope to bring a lot more into this page but at the minute these riffs should help ge t you started/improve your soloing. These riffs are based on the A Pentatonic Minor Scale (click to videw the video) and download the A Pentatonic Minor Scale (PDF). I have used this scale together with some other ideas on the tab (please download) to give you some basic ways of using the scale and other notes around the scale to create interesting riffs.







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