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"Chord Fill In's" and how to use them
This video covers Chord Fill In's - this is what its all about! Using Chord "fill-ins" basically means connecting your chord changes together with either some open strings or a note that will appear in the next chord in the chord progression/song. Its a great way of getting rid of those annoying "gaps" in your chord changes.....
Hopefully this video has explained what "Chord Fill In's" are and more importantly how to use them. Feel free to download the Fill In sheet which covers most of the "common" fill in's between chords. When practicing these - make sure and spend a lot of time going over the chord then the chord fill-in (ie link to next chord) and then the next chord itself...this will bring your songs/tunes etc.. together much more quickly Using Chord Fill In's (PDF)
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Using Chord Fill In's


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