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Get Playing Lead Guitar - Book and CD









Always wanted to play Lead Guitar but havent a clue where to start?



Guess what? They all had to start somewhere.
If you want to unleash the "Lead Player" in you - this is the place to start!








So what is "Get Playing Lead Guitar!" all about?






Full of scales, riffs, techniques, from really basic to the full fretboard and also great tips, advice and experience from your tutor - James Ledley with nearly 20 years teaching experience - teaching beginners from knowing nothing at all to playing Lead Guitar and taking their exams right up to Grade 8! and beyond..:)


So if you really want to get ripping into those solos - lets go!











Get Playing Lead Guitar For Beginners (Acoustic or Electric) - is a step by step process for learning Lead Guitar from the ground up. If you are an occasional strummer, already play Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar and want to expand futher or simply want to learn a few "riifs" you can add in to your playing
So how do Slash, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, do it?
- this is the book or you! (plus 52 MP3 tracks and full support!)


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Take a look for yourself and feel free to download this PDF sample of the book (right click and Save As)



"Great book and great service. Rock and Roll" Ebay buyer
"Super fast and excellent product. A++++++" Ebay buyer
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PS. If you join my Facebook group Get Playing Guitar there will be free support with the book and any issues you may have getting used to riffs, scales, building a solo - guitar theory and any other problems you may be having :)













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