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I have been teaching full time since 2003 and during that time I have been registered with (RGT) Registry Of Guitar Tutors enabling myself to take students through their guitar grades on Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar from the initial grades right up to Grade 8











I have always been passionate about music and it basically "took over my life" - from my early teens.












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I have been playing for the last 25 years (from I was 15 years old) - starting on drums, then moving onto Bass Guitar and finally settling on Electric Guitar - I feel the guitar suited me best. Once I got "hooked" on guitar that was it - I never looked back.....I basically never had the guitar out of my hands after that









Over the years I have been in a pile of bands and have gained plenty of live experience - I was usually the main songwriter in any of the bands I was in, when we weren't playing covers by everyone from Neil Young to The Jam, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Beatles, Bob Marley etc...- you name I've probably played it at some stage!. I always played a key role in each band if not the main songwriter, I was a major part of the bands sound and was the driving force behind the music.

I try and listen to loads of different music - I feel it helps when songwriting and to improve your playing in general, as well as giving you great ideas for more songs to learn. I am still writing songs constantly and enjoy playing and songwriting this as much as teaching itself.





Over the years I have had various influences and I think its important to always try to keep an "open mind" when it comes to music in general - my main influences include: Jimi Hendrix. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Page, Paul Weller, The Smiths, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Small Faces, The Who to name a few..... Though I am always finding new ones which is something I love about teaching sometimes I am introduced to music by my students and it works both ways I feel.





Ive probably covered every possible scenario when it comes to students getting to grips with guitar and the problems they have faced along the way, I know how hard it can be at the start, but I can assure you that if you "stick at it" its worth it in the end. Over the years I have gained a pile of experience teaching, helping everyone from beginners right up to advanced players to either gain a Guitar Exam qualification, play a few songs at a party etc.. help with a set list for a band, helped with GCSE/A level coursework, every style including Country, Classical, and Modern Rock and Metal, Fingerstyle, Jazz, a bit of Reggae - anything you feel you want to learn I can find a way to make lessons interesting, fun and most importantly you WILL progress.

















I aim to have everyone playing as soon as possible..it is a "two way street" of course..provided each student practices as much as they can, they WILL notice their own progress.





As well as teaching Guitar and Bass I do play guitar outside of lessons and am always looking for new solos or styles to play. I am particularly interested in Jazz and getting more into it every year. Of course its not all about guitar, I also like to read, cycle and do a bit of running outside of lesson time and at the weekends. Also if gigs come up now and again thats great too - keeps you "on your toes" with your own playing...




I am hoping in the near future to write another book on guitar...following the success of my Lead Guitar Book "Get Playing Guitar - Book1" I am hoping to write a Rhythm Guitar Book covering some of the most popular songs I have taught (and have enjoyed playing). This will be aimed at beginners and will contain a lot of the "secrets" of lessons that have brought my stduents forward over the years in their guitar playing. Feel free to checkout the "Get Playing Guitar" Book and CD and contact me if you woudl like a copy..more information on this on the Bookstore/Shop Page.









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